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Federal Excise Duty (F.E.D)



The Federal Excise Act, 2005, was promulgated with effect from 1st July, 2005, repealing the Central Excises Act, 1944. Following are some of the significant changes brought about by the new Act:

  •  The word “Federal” was used in place of “Central”. Therefore, now the term “Federal Excise Duty” is more appropriate as compared to old “Central Excise Duty” for the duties of excise levied under the 2005 Act.

  • The system of physical supervision has been entirely done away with and now all clearances will be self-assessed and no prior permission for clearance will be required.

  • The payment of duty will be on monthly basis and the duty on all clearances during the month will be payable by the 15th of next month. This is in contrast to previous requirement of payment of duty prior to clearance.

  • No gate passes are required for clearances as in the old system.

  • Double taxation has been eliminated by allowing adjustment of the excise duty paid on the input goods used directly in the manufacture of excisable goods.

  • On some services and goods FED is payable in VAT more i.e. in the same manner as provided in the Sales Tax Act, 1990. For details see the link ‘Goods/Services Liable to Excise Duty’ on this page.

Federal Excise duty is payable on:

(a) goods produced or manufactured in Pakistan;

(b) goods imported into Pakistan;

(c) such goods as the Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, specify, as are produced or manufactured in the non-tariff areas and are brought to the tariff areas for sale or consumption therein; and

(d) services, provided or rendered in Pakistan;


However, all the goods and services are exempt under section 16, except: 

(a) the goods and services specified in the First Schedule, which shall be charged to Federal excise duty as, and at the rates, set-forth therein;
(b) The goods and services specified in Third Schedule shall be exempt from duty subject to such conditions and restrictions, if any, specified therein and no adjustment in terms of section 6 shall be admissible in respect of goods exempt from duty of excise whether conditionally or otherwise; and
(c) The goods as mentioned in the Second Schedule shall be chargeable to FED in the same manner as provided in the Sales Tax Act, 1990, as provided in section 7 of the Federal Excise Act, 2005. The same shall apply to services as notified vide SRO 550(I)/2006 dated 5th June 2006.

Special Excise Duty

As part of budgetary measures for the year 2007-08, Special FED at 1% has been levied on goods which are manufactured or are imported in Pakistan. This duty is in addition to FED as prescribed in First Schedule of the Federal Excise Act, 2005. For list of goods excluded from purview of this special duty and other details see SRO 655(I)/2007.

Federal Excise Act. 2005(As amended vide Finance Act. 2009)

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Federal Excise Rule

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