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Income Tax in Pakistan - An Overview

Law relating to taxation of income in Pakistan is affirmed in the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (the Ordinance) and the rules frame there under viz. Income Tax Rules, 2002 (the Rules). The Ordinance is a Central order and is; therefore, applicable to the whole of Pakistan. Under section 4 of the Ordinance, income tax is compulsory for each tax year at specific rates on every person who has taxable income for the year. The tax payable is calculated by apply the rate(s) of tax to the taxable income of the taxpayer for the year and any tax credit permitted to the taxpayer for that year is deduct from that amount.

The following tax credits are acceptable under Chapter 3 Part 10 of the Ordinance:
Charitable donations, investment in shares, retirement annuity scheme and profit on debt.

Income Tax Return Forms Section

Income Tax Return Forms For Tax Year 2013 (New)



1 Tax Rates from Tax Year 2008 To Tax Year 2012 (for IT-6 form)
2 (IT-6 Form With Tax Rates) - Return of Total Income Under Clause 87/88 Of Part-IV Of Second Schedule Of The Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 (For Individual) For Tax Years 2008 To 2012
4 Computation and payment form for income support levy under Income Support Levy Act, 2013
5 Return of Total Income/Statement of Final Taxation for Companies (IT 1) for Tax Year 2013
6 Income Tax Return for Individual and AOPs (IT2) for Tax Year 2013 (With Calculation Formula. )
7 Income Tax Return for Individual and AOPs (IT2) for Tax Year 2013 (Without Calculation Formula. )
8 Retailer's Statement (IT-4) for Tax Year 2013
9 Declaration by Salaried Persons (IT-3)
10 Wealth Statement for Tax Year 2013


Income Tax Return Forms For Tax Year 2012

1- Income Tax Return (IT-2) for Individuals & AOPs for Tax Year 2012 with Calculation Formula

2- Retailer's Statement u/s 115 (4) (IT-4) for Tax Year 2012 with Calculation Formula

3- IT-5 Form

4- Summary of Proposed Changes in Income Tax Return Forms for TY-2012

5- Income Tax Return for Individuals/AOPs (IT-2) for TY-2012 (in PDF)

6- For retailers (Individuals & AOPs) having annual turnover upto 5 million Rupees but not having any other taxable source of income (in PDF)

7- Wealth Statement

Declaration by Salaried Persons  (Click here to download form)

Refund Application Form  (Click here to download form)

CVT1 Forms
1-  CVT1- Application To The Registration Authority for the purchase of immovable property

2-  Refund Application Form

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