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Pakcustoms.org is your first and best source for information about useful links like online NTN verification, fbr.gov.pk efiling system, daily updated IGM (Import General Manifest), and much more:

  • Online NTN verification
  • FBR.gov.pk efiling system
  • Daily updated IGM (Import General Manifest)
  • EGM (Export General Manifest)
  • Custom press release
  • Sales tax guide
  • Sales tax registration
  • Withholding tax
  • Rebate claim
  • Trade statistics and analysis
  • Tax return filing
  • Import tariff
  • Customs Tariff
  • Import policy order
  • Export policy order
  • Pakistan budget 2022-23
  • Income tax forms
  • Federal excise duty
  • Important downloads
  • Mobile phone applications
  • Pakistan rupee exchange rate
  • Universal currency converter
  • Karachi Port arrivals
  • Karachi Port cargo handling
  • Shipment tracking
  • Electronic export manifest
  • Electronic import manifest
  • Export automated system
  • Container tracking
  • Air cargo tracking
  • Bill of lading (B/L) tracking
  • Post/EMS tracking
  • World clock time
  • Vehicle tax verification Sindh
  • Apply for NTN
  • Consignor view IGM information
  • Flight schedules for:
    – Jinnah International Airport Karachi
    – Allama Iqbal Airport Lahore
    – Benazir International Airport Islamabad

Here you will also find the latest news regarding Pakistan trade & business activities and topics relating to issues of general interest.

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